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Ski Dubai – Getting To Ski Dubai Could Not Be Easier With Coach Hire Dubai

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Ski Dubai is the first Indoor Ski resort located at The Mall of Emirates in Dubai. A total of 3000 Square meters of snow, the Snow park is a sheer Paradise. Put on your snow boots and get ready to enjoy your first snow experience skiing or snowboarding in the Middle East.

Do not worry about the Ski Clothing or the Equipment's. Arrangements are already made to offer these facilities to the guests.

Ski Slope: Skiing on the slopes is an excitement for all the age groups. Right from the first learning step on the beginner slope to the point you learn to tackle the challenging Steeper slopes is all audacious. Skiing keeps you inviting to do more every time you put on your Skiing gear.

Snow Boarding: Snowboarding is a very popular Winter sports in the world. People young at heart often enjoy this sport to the fullest. Well over the time sow surfing has surpassed the age rift making it popular and favored for all age groups. The Ski Dubai provides all the surfing gears for the visitors to glide on the snow. You will also find Skilled instructors at every step to guide you.

Snow Penguins: You cannot miss the chance to meet the Ski Dubai's Inhabitant sovereignty- Gentoo and King Penguins! Marvel your eyes with the amazing march of the Penguins daily for free.

Chair Lift: A glimpse of snow from the heights is breathtaking. Enjoy the view from the top on the chair lift that takes rides you to the peak . Avalanche Cafe: An absolute must see when visiting Ski Dubai!

Located on the ski slopes and can be reached either by hiking up or taking the chair lift. Enjoy the Alpine themes and vistas offered by this unique location. Warm yourself in minus 4 degrees with the world famous Avalanche hot chocolate!

Ski School: Take lessons to surf and Ski on the snow at the Ski Dubai. Professional instructors are more than happy to guide & teach you whether you are a new learner or a Pro. Enjoy the different techniques and methods to surf and ski in no time.

Snow Bullet: Hold on your breath and take a Zero Zip line swing at the snow bullet as you glide down through the hill. The Snow Bullet takes you 16metres above the slope along a 150 Meter long Zip line.